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With over a thousand people and brands already featured, we've amassed over a million in sales. With that we continue to grow improve our service, making sure your needs are met in a quick and reliable process.

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Increase your brand authority

Having your name out there in multiple publications helps create a doubtless authority for your brand. Increase the meaning that comes with your name.


Boost your rankings within search engines

Increase the flow of traffic to your brand by increasing your brand's visibility within the Google search engine. Having your name at the top of the search results helps get your name out there.


Showcase yourself or your brand / companies work.

We help you show the world what you've been working on or who you exactly are.



Jonathan Jadali

Founder & CEO

Jonathan Jadali is an American entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Ascend (a Social Media Marketing and PR agency). Jadali has served hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies.


George Nellist


George Nellist is a British social media expert, working with Ascend as the role of Director. George has worked with countless social media influencers, entrepreneurs and businesses over the years, working their PR and Media Marketing to expand online presence and exposure.


Amir Bakian

Chief Operating Officer

Amir Bakian is a Chief Operating Officer at Ascend. He focuses on growing his clientele’s social media presence and Acts as a liaison between clients and high tier publications. Amir has coordinated with many influencers and brands on increasing their online exposure.


Brauch Owens

Head of Music

Brauch Owens is an American Entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia who has been in the marketing space for over 3 years. Brauch oversees strategic partnerships and the music department at Ascend Agency.


Evan Arroyo

Graphic Designer and Company Subcontractor

Evan Arroyo focuses on creating high-quality graphics and is a representative for Ascend in various marketplaces. Evan brings creative talent to each project he’s associated with, and continues to broaden Ascend’s connections within various marketplaces by bringing that talent to make Ascend stand out to potential clients.


We consult with you first, making sure we can deliver the results you desire and help us learn more about your brand.
We write an article about you or your brand that's suitable for top tier publications to feature.
The article gets featured in primary publications gaining you or your brand extra traffic and recognition.


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    Adam Olsen Team

    Marketing Director

    Ascend Agency is THE TEAM to work with when looking to increase your company's PR. With tons of different options available to grow your online exposure, they will work with you to come up and execute a solid plan that will meet your goals and expectations.

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    Ascends services met every expectation I had hoped for! Would recommend going to them for any of your press release needs. Customer service was unmatched!

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    Nick Tennant

    Precision Extraction

    George at Ascend Agency is professional, punctual, and extremely competent. He delivered us unique results unmatched by any other firm. We look forward to being kind standing clients.


We have expert writers working with us to produce the best content possible for yourself or your company.

We will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out before we start work on your request. Click here to view our Questionnaire

It all depends on the tier of the article. It can range from anywhere from a day to a month depending on the publication.

Our main payment method is wire or paypal via an invoice but we also accept crypto currency.

Yes we offer a full refund if the work is in-complete.

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