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We're a professional social media agency here to help you on your journey to success


Our mission

Our mission statement is simple, to provide an outstanding service in providing press and other social media services to our customer base and anyone who enquires.

Our vision

To become one of the biggest Social Media Agencies providing the ultimate experience for our clients to share their stories and grow their brands!


How it works

With over a thousand people and brands already featured, we've amassed over a million in sales. With that we continue to grow improve our service, making sure your needs are met in a quick and reliable process.

Our features

Fashion Week Daily

How Ascend Agency Helps Successful People Share Their Inspiring Stories

We are living in the age of Internet and social media celebrities. While becoming a successful person today using the Internet has become easier than ever, it can still take several years to build a following and develop clout.
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The Jerusalem Post

Ascend Agency Helps Brands Skyrocket Their Growth and Achieve Fast Results

Since 2019, Ascend Agency has been helping brands skyrocket their growth, whether they are individuals or businesses. By leveraging online publications and social media, this boutique PR agency has helped its clients expand their popularity and authority and do so incredibly fast.
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The Ritz Herald

Boutique PR Agency Ascend Agency Expands Brand Awareness Using Proven Methods

While the internet has become integral to many businesses today, most do not know or understand how to unlock their online growth. That is where Ascend Agency comes in. As a boutique PR agency that was established in 2019, Ascend Agency knows exactly how to drive massive growth, increase authority, and establish a solid reputation for brands that work with it.
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Tech Times

How Ascend Agency is Helping Brands Expand Their Presence and Authority in 2021

2020 saw a global pandemic that upended virtually every major industry. It has led to a digital migration of businesses that figured out how to continue their success in the digital world. It also led to new businesses forming that would be entirely online based. With so many individuals and businesses now looking to grow their brands online, there is a large demand for services that can help speed up the process. After all, going at it alone can take years to establish a major online presence.
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Haute Living

Ascend Agency Is A Boutique Agency Brands Turn To For Driving Their Success

Social media has become a boon for brands over the past decade. With the help of PR agencies, it is now possible to significantly increase a brand’s prominence very quickly. Through the publishing of noteworthy articles about a brand in online news publications, Ascend Agency has helped expand the followings of its clients, while helping them become leading voices in their respective niches.
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Follow This Entrepreneur's 3-Step Approach to Cultivating a Killer Brand

Branding is the most commonly used phrase in business circles, but is also often the least understood. For Jonathan Jadali, CEO of Ascend Agency, a PR form that works with top Fortune 500 companies, a brand is not a tangible thing. As he told me in a recent conversation, it is “a strong feeling that a business creates in the minds of its customers, that creates an emotional bond and passion for their businesses and produces loyalty.”
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